A romantic thriller―with a dash of horror.
"A haunted love story about a couple who bring out the best―and worst―in each other."
—Mindy McGinnis
Author of The Female of the Species
"A chilling story about a boy and a girl haunted by one night and one bridge. Full of twists, eerie theories, and a satisfying conclusion, this will be thoroughly enjoyed by YA fans."
—School Library Journal


But telling Paige how he really feels? He’s obsessed over that decision. And it’s time. Tonight. At the party on the riverbank, under the old walking bridge, the site of so many tales of love and death


Since they first met, but she knows her feelings are one-sided. She’s trying to move on, flirting with other guys. A party at the river is just what she needs. Except a fight breaks out, and when Paige tries to intervene–Theo’s fist lands in her face.

All Theo and Paige want is to forget that fateful night. But strange events keep drawing them back to the bridge. Someone–something is determined to make them remember…and pay for what they did.

"I loved this book! The haunted bridge is a wonderfully spooky backdrop for this story, with its dark history, and small town secrets. The author does a great job building the mystery of the bridge, and with the character’s personal growth throughout the story...I loved how exploring the history of the bridge tied into the characters finding insight into themselves. As they uncovered each layer of the bridge’s eerie secrets, they also uncovered how they felt about each other, and gained more understanding of their respective disorders. That alone made the story riveting, but Theo and Paige’s chemistry was also amazing. They are like flint and steel, striking lots of sparks when they’re together. Star-crossed, and yet, forever bonded by the good and bad memories they share. Their love is bittersweet, complicated, and very real. All in all, a wonderful read!"
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