OWLOfficalCover     It was supposed to be an adventure. A chance to connect with nature.  No one said anything about being robbed. Or marked. Or hunted. 

My heart trips itself and then races.

“What the hell happened to us?” Lucas asks.

“They did it to you too,” Emily says. We all turn to her. “Your word is different.”

“What–” He never finishes. Because when he turns his left wrist up, we all see the letters like an ornate tattoo: DECEPTIVE.

Emily lifts her wrist: DAMAGED.

Lucas checks his and snorts. “Of course.” DANGEROUS

My turn. I swallow against the lump in my throat and it goes down hard, bruises my insides.

My word is DARLING.

My love has always been thrillers — books that keep me up too late and make me afraid to turn off the lights.  My newest book, One Was Lost, hits on several of my deepest fears, the forest at night, being stalked by an unknown predator, living with the knowledge that no matter how loud I scream NO ONE WILL HEAR ME.  So, yeah, this one creeped me out to write, but I fell in love with these characters maybe more than I ever have.   ONE WAS LOST is available for preorder now. If you preorder, drop me a line and be entered for bonus swag on release week!



So what’s my favorite way to kill a character? Easy.


I mean, really, IS there a scarier way to go? There’s nothing quite as terrifying as imagining all that dirt and darkness piling over you. And as a thriller writer I specialize in darkness….especially darkness that creates FEAR!


Now, for another thriller I love, check out Pintip Dunn the next stop on the YA DASH and her gorgeous romantic thriller, The Darkest Lie.  GIVEAWAYS ABOUND, SO HURRY ALONG to www.pintipdunn.wordpress.com


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