It’s true, it’s true, I’m headed to BEA!  I’ll be signing ARCs of ONE WAS LOST on Friday at 2:00pm in Sourcebooks booth 2333.  Come see me and my beautiful bright orange book! I’m so giddynervousexcitedthrilledfreakingout I can barely make sense.  Or use actual words.

So, what’s ONE WAS LOST?

Think The Blair Witch Project meets The Breakfast Club

Or think of the worst camping trip you can imagine.  Now, add a dash of that old eighties classic, Predator.

Or just think of waking up in a tent with all of your supplies destroyed and a mysterious word written on your arm in Sharpie marker.

Yeah, it’s that kind of book.

TRIVIA BIT!  The bright orange cover is VERY limited edition!  A new cover is on the way, and holy moly it is a Wow!

But I still love, love, love my orange cover so be sure to pick one up before they’re gone!  See you in the Windy City!